the two of us

Welcome to the UhOhDiaries.

I am a Single Mother by Choice to two children who are the lights of my life.  I struggled with infertility and was on the verge of losing hope more times than I can remember. It took me 3 years to bring my son into being. I never dreamed I’d be lucky enough to have a second child.

When my son was nearly 2 years old I was donated embryos by one of my sons donor siblings Mother. This is how I came to carry and become the Mother to my daughter. I am the luckiest Mummy around!

I felt compelled to start this blog to help other women. To give hope to those who wish to parent – but don’t have a partner. To cast light on the struggle that is infertility and to encourage others to feel comfortable in sharing their stories too.  Perhaps by talking about my story I can help someone else find the strength to continue or the courage to begin.

I became a Mother by using a sperm donor and for my daughter through double donors. I feel so grateful to live in a world where this is possible.  There are challenges that are unique to having built a family in this way.  I will share what these are and how I overcome them in my blog.

Our story is just beginning and our adventures are expanding. In 2020 I moved with my family (all 4 generations!) to Mexico. I plan on starting a fertility coaching business and traveling as much as I can with my little clan.

Please join us on our Mum & Kid adventures…