I launched a business!

🤩 What a year my friends… what a year!

✍️ I’m no longer going to pretend that this is my new entry into regular blogging. Truth is, I had to take a big step back from blogging and the world of Twitter in order to focus on all the other things happening in our lives.

🇲🇽 When I lost posted we had just made our big move to Mexico. Shortly after moving I took the kids for a visit to see their Grandparents in Las Vegas! So much fun. Little did we know it would be one of the last fun things we would be able to do.

🤒 Upon our return to Mexico we all got sick. My son and Mother got it really badly. So much so that I took him to hospital where they said it was flu. They did the swab but alas – it wasn’t flu. Hindsight tells me that it was probably Covid19. They had all the symptoms. I got it way lighter than them and powered through it in 2 days. You just never know and until antibody testing makes it down here we will just be left speculating.

🇮🇹 🇺🇸 We had 3 weeks to explore. All the while the news from Italy and USA was coming in. On March 15, ahead of the country we decided to start lockdown.

🗺 Like everyone, I have found it hard. I’m a Mother who takes the kids out at 9am and comes home at 8pm. I don’t do schedules and fill the day with adventures. This screech of the brakes has been painful. I feel like we are literally wiping out a year of memories for my son. He will look back on this time and it will blur into one long nothing. It does feel sad. But he’s doing fine so really I need to stop myself from thinking about it!

👶🏻 The baby is already a year old. I can’t believe it! She’s adorable, signing up a storm and not walking (hurrah!) She really is letting me enjoy and revel in having a baby. My son was born old and wise and as if being a baby was a stage he needed to rush out of. Amazing as he was, I’ve been so happy to have a baby that is in no rush to grow up!

✨ In other news I launched a business!! ✨

🤰🏻🤰🏼🤰🏾It’s called ‘The Fertility Mentor’ and I mentor women through the process of becoming Single Mothers by Choice (SMC). I’ve also been helping women (single or coupled) who are experiencing infertility. I’ve designed courses to help people choose a Sperm Donor in 5 steps, designed mentoring packages, Choice Motherhood programs and I’ve still got a lot more to go!

I’ve been busy!

🔐 I launched it right as Lockdown happened but it’s kept me busy and I feel so much more fulfilled than I did when I was waiting tables (go figure!)

☎️ I’m looking forward to sharing more when I have some spare moments. Maybe even working with some of you! I do free calls for anyone interested. Feel free to drop me a note here (I approve all posts so can keep your info private if you request it!) or send me a hello on Twitter @theuhohdiaries.

I’ll leave the link to my private facebook group for women who are thinking/trying to become SMC here and in my profile.

🧡 Hope you all are staying safe and healthy 🧡


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