Life update – the big move!

To say the past 18 months have been hectic is an understatement!

When I started this blog I was a mother to one child – my amazing son. When he was born I got to thinking that the USA was not the place I wanted to raise my child. I wasn’t quite sure where the better choice could be so I kept my mind and heart open. A year or so later I noticed a few choice mums were moving down to Mexico… Mexico?? But wasn’t it meant to be really unsafe?

My interest was piqued.  It didn’t take me long to realize that most of our fears about Mexico were media fueled.  From Zika to Cartels – so long as you chose your location carefully, it was a way safer choice than I ever imagined.

In October 2018 my family took a vacation there with the goal of seeing if it was a place we could see ourselves settling. After two weeks we realized that we most certainly could envision a life there! I connected with the local single moms community and saw that making friends would be easy. Expats were plentiful and friendly.

The small setback was that I was about to do an embryo transfer. I’d decided that if this one didn’t work I’d be perfectly content as the Mother of an only child and we would move asap. 

can you believe that this turned into a human?

We all know how that turned out. The last embryo became my amazing daughter (who is currently dozing contentedly on my lap!)

Pregnancy is no time to make such a move but I applied for my temporary residents visa for Mexico and we listed our house nonetheless. I spent my pregnancy researching furiously, tentatively telling people we MIGHT be moving IF the house sold.

The baby arrived a month early, we were totally unprepared. We had to stop showing the house for a couple of weeks. Then I discovered a leak had caused black mold and we had to slow it down once again. I started to think it might not happen.

Then, finally a buyer came along, and then another and it was in motion. I couldn’t believe it was really happening.

Selling a home is never without stress and this was no exception. I won’t bore with the details but suffice it to say that I had to leave my Mother to auction off the last of our possessions while I dashed to Mexico with the kids to activate my residency visa before it expired.  As Winter became to creep in to New England, I definitely felt that I’d gotten the better end of that deal!

I found us a home in Mx the day after our house in the USA closed. Renting this time – I think I’m done with home ownership for a long time. Someone else can fix my broken sinks/leaks etc.

The final part in the jigsaw puzzle was to return to the USA, celebrate Christmas and collect the rest of my family. My mother and 88 year old grandfather have also joined us on this incredible adventure.

So, on New Year’s Eve we boarded a plane with 4 generations and 2 dogs to head to a new life in Mexico.

What a way to ring in the new year!

When I started this blog I said my goal was to put my son in a backpack and be in Thailand by 2021. Well guys, instead I had another baby and moved to Mexico in 2020. My life goals were attained in less time, with more obstacles in my path than I could have dreamed.

And I’m not done yet. This is just the start of a life fulfilled.

I hope you’ll stick around to hear about our adventures, my new business venture and a whole lot more. 

Thanks for dropping in and a happy new year to all.


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