Guess who’s back?



I’m kindasorta maybe back.

I took all the pics and didn’t get pooped on.

It’s been a long time since I wrote so I’m easing back in with a little catch up and a big thank you to all those of you who kept nominating me for follow me Friday and other such twitter appreciation stuff.  I’ve been dropping in and out but too scant to make much of a presence know.

That’s good right?

I’ve been full on parenting and now have a toddler.  It’s true that as toddlers go he really doesn’t do much of the terrible.  As long as I have no desire to have a tidy house or fresh prepared meals he really is the easiest of beings.  When I am finally released from the constant demands of “I need a hug Mumma” I tend to catch up on those things rather than this thing.  I revel in the hugs knowing that there will come a time when he shuns rather than demands them.

In my absence I’ve been kicking along the infertility road.  This time I know it’s my age and I really didn’t expect miracles but miracles are funny things and they have to happen to someone don’t they?  (They did not happen to me.)

I worked 6 days a week.  My poor babysitting Mother nearly lost her mind juggling a toddler and her elderly father at the same time while I made the $$$.  What would I do without her?  You’ll be pleased to hear that I have released her from her duties to spend 10 days in England with her friends to do things that she loves doing but simply cannot do here… leaving me with the very old and the very young for the duration.  I’m keeping them both alive thanks to frozen dinners and their mutual affection for one another.

My Mummy giving Little a beach hug

We also (as a family) took a 2 week vacation to Mexico.  Merida in the Yucatan to be precise.  It was wonderful and has set my wanderlust on fire once again.  Most of the time it’s merely simmering but right now it’s full on lava mode.

So as I slowly ease my way back into blogging you can expect such gems from me as:

  1. My latest infertility struggles in all the gory detail
  2. The Infertility Hierarchy
  3. Family dynamics
  4. Dreams of escaping
  5. People you meet on vacation
  6. Why the Yucatan is safer than the USA

For now this is all.  A few words whilst a beautiful toddler naps on the couch, lulled by the sounds of my heavy fingers on a forgiving keyboard.

I hope you’re still out there and thanks for listening.


4 thoughts on “Guess who’s back?

  1. So glad you’re back! Everyone needs to take a break and disappear for a little while, which I did recently too. Are you trying to have another child with the same donor? My husband and I have talked about having another but just one is already quite overwhelming, so we’re still undecided. Good luck onyour baby-making journey! I’m looking forward to reading more about it.

    My mom is also a big help when it comes to our son and is saving us a lot of money by watching him. Grandparents are the best!

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  2. Hey! I missed you. Glad to have you back darl. I’ve been MIA on Twitter for a very looong time too! Social media can be so draining. Glad to know you and little man are doing well. Sending some hugs to you both. Have a great weekend!

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