more IVF and a Loss….

First off let me start with a trigger warning because Loss is mentioned and I know that can be hard for a lot of women.   My RE was perplexed as to why I wasn’t getting pregnant.  He decided he would do  ERA testing.  This is where they take a scrape from your uterus and send it off to establish the ideal time for transferring an embryo. At the time I did this, it was in early stages and my sample had to be sent to Spain for analysis!  I remember thinking it was very strange that now Spain was … Continue reading more IVF and a Loss….

A Guide to Understanding IVF

While every protocol for IVF is different there are some steps that are pretty much the same for everyone.  If you’re just starting out here’s what you can expect; Initial consult with RE to discuss protocol Wait for start of period. You may already be taking estrogen/birth control pill. Vaginal Ultrasound to assess baseline Start injections Another Vaginal Ultrasound to see how you’re doing and to tweak meds if necessary More injections Another Ultrasound, maybe add in another shot to stop you ovulating. More injections until they finally tell you to do trigger shot. 36 hours after trigger shot you … Continue reading A Guide to Understanding IVF

The Importance of Finding the Right Fertility Doc for you.

Once I had picked a donor, done a couple of IUI’s, had the HSG and had a couple more failed IUI’s I came to a realization; I couldn’t stand my RE!!! I had thought that all you had to do was find a Reproductive Endocrinologist and they would unlock the secret to getting you pregnant.  This was not the case.  I didn’t feel like I had an advocate in my RE.  I felt like I was walking through glue.  After 6 months of this I was ready to move to IVF and a new RE. This time I did some … Continue reading The Importance of Finding the Right Fertility Doc for you.