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The Gift of Life

When my friends announce their pregnancies I often find myself thinking how strange it must be to get pregnant from having sex. I cannot fathom what conception without needles and penis shaped wands must be like. How very unscientific it … Continue reading The Gift of Life

I launched a business!

🤩 What a year my friends… what a year! ✍️ I’m no longer going to pretend that this is my new entry into regular blogging. Truth is, I had to take a big step back from blogging and the world of Twitter in order to focus on all the other things happening in our lives. 🇲🇽 When I lost posted we had just made our big move to Mexico. Shortly after moving I took the kids for a visit to see their Grandparents in Las Vegas! So much fun. Little did we know it would be one of the last … Continue reading I launched a business!